Send or Receive a Personal Lift Anytime!

Connect, share, and preserve your most cherished memories with loved ones, all at the touch of a button. Experience the joy of staying close, no matter the distance.

Welcome to Buoy, an app designed to solve the challenges of preserving and accessing meaningful messages and videos in today's digital age. We understand the struggle of having important memories scattered across different platforms and formats, making them hard to find when you need them most. Buoy is here to change that.

Buoy is a secure place to consolidate and keep all your cherished messages and videos, lovingly called "Buoys". No more searching through old emails, text messages, or social media accounts. With Buoy, your precious memories are just a tap away.

These Buoys are more than just messages; they are designed to bring a smile to your face, warm your heart, or even serve as a life-saving reminder that you are loved when you're navigating through troubled waters. Experience the joy and comfort of having your cherished memories easily accessible anytime, anywhere with Buoy.

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With Buoy, you can save and share memories in various formats, including photos, videos, text messages, and voicemails. Keep your most treasured moments safe and easily accessible.


Buoy helps you stay connected with your family and friends by making it easy to share your favorite memories. Send and receive uplifting messages to brighten your day and strengthen your personal bonds.

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Need a lift yourself? Request a buoy from a friend or loved one. You can even request a message on behalf of someone else.


 Turn your existing text, voice messages, or videos into Buoys. Open the settings, select the type of memory you want to save, and upload it to the Buoy app from your device. For audio memories, you can even add a photo to your favorite voicemail or recording.

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The Buoy App is Perfect for...

  • Seniors: Older adults who want to stay connected with their family and friends, and cherish preserving memories.


  • Parents: Parents who want to capture and share special moments of their children growing up.


  • Friends: Close friends who want to keep their shared memories and messages in one place, especially those who may live far apart.
  • Teachers: Educators who want to share uplifting messages, educational content, or remember classroom moments with their students and colleagues.


  • Business Professionals: Professionals who want to share motivational messages, important business updates, or celebrate team achievements with their colleagues and partners.


  • Support Groups: Members of support groups who want to share uplifting messages and experiences to encourage each other.
  • Travelers: Individuals who travel frequently and want to share their experiences and adventures with their loved ones back home.


  • Alumni Associations: Members of alumni associations who want to stay connected, share memories from their school days, and update each other on their current lives.


  • Coaches: Sports and life coaches who want to share motivational messages, training videos, or celebrate team and individual achievements with their athletes and clients.