Scott Ertl, Creator of the Buoy App

Scott Ertl

Scott Ertl created the Buoy App as a way to help everyone have quick access to special messages. After 22 years as a school counselor, he saw on a daily basis how students, teachers, and parents frequently need some encouraging words to help them get through the days. While cards and notes can be incredibly special, we’re in the digital age when most communication lands on your phone instead of your mailbox. Unfortunately, those special messages can quickly get drowned out by all of the other messages vying for your attention. The Buoy App is designed to allow those special messages to float to the top so you can get the right encouragement at the right time.

Now Scott (along with his therapy dog Honey) is an active Hospice volunteer in Winston-Salem, NC and loves helping families create loving legacy messages so those who are dying will be able to hear their funeral messages while they’re still alive and those loved ones will have special messages to cherish after the death of their loved one.

Scott is also hoping that the Buoy App will be helpful for those incredible families serving in the military who are missing each other and dealing with great stress. In addition, Scott hopes that people dealing with addictions will be able to benefit from using the Buoy App for encouraging words from their sponsor, friends and family when their recovery is wavering and they need some hope.