Revolutionary Buoy App Aims to Boost Morale and Job Satisfaction Among Educators in the Face of Mounting Challenges

Winston-Salem, NC, May 3, 2023 – Amid growing concerns about the state of the U.S. education system, a retired school counselor, Scott Ertl, has developed the Buoy App, a free app designed to help educators store and retrieve positive messages and memories for when they need an emotional lift.

Recent studies have highlighted several alarming trends in the education sector:

  • The U.S. ranks near the bottom of 30 industrialized countries in math
  • North Carolina (NC) ranks #50 in the nation for school funding, and began the school year 4,400 teachers short of what was needed
  • K-12 teachers have the highest burnout rate of any other profession in the U.S., at 44%

Despite these challenges, educators continue to dedicate themselves to their students. The Buoy App aims to give them the support and appreciation they deserve.

Ertl believes that fostering a positive attitude can significantly improve teacher job performance and satisfaction. A Blueboard Study found that 67% of employed Americans feel appreciation at work is in short supply, with teachers at the top of that list. Zippia reported that 87% of people wish they’d told their teachers how much they appreciated them.

The Buoy App, available for all phones, provides users with a dedicated space to store and access uplifting messages, photos, voicemails, and videos. In a recent pilot program at eight schools in Winston-Salem:

  • 98% of surveyed teachers responded that the app could help them store and retrieve positive voicemails, texts, and videos
  • 65% reported that the app is easy to use
  • 21% acknowledged the potential benefits of the app for their colleagues, recognizing its value in supporting the education community even if it’s not their preferred tool.

For media inquiries or to schedule interviews with teachers in Winston-Salem who have tested the Buoy App, please contact Scott Ertl at (336) 765-7319 or [email protected].


About Buoy App:

The Buoy App is a free application developed by retired school counselor Scott Ertl to support educators by providing a space to store and access uplifting messages, photos, voicemails, and videos. Designed to improve teacher morale and job satisfaction, the Buoy App aims to help educators feel appreciated and motivated in their challenging profession.

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