Tips When Filming Videos

1) Brainstorm different family members and friends they want to make videos for. Prioritize the different people so you’re sure to get videos made for the most important people first.

2) Choose 1-3 prompts for them to use for each person. Keep videos 1-2 minutes.

3) Consider different locations to film the videos if possible. (Outside, different rooms, etc.)

4) If they are leaving a special item to the person the video is for, consider them holding that object when telling them why it’s special to them. (Book, stuffed animal, photo, cooking utensil, etc.)

5) Hold your phone steady when filming. If you don’t have a tripod, hold it against something stable.

6) Turn off any background noises (TV, radio, close the door, etc.) You may choose to have light music in the background if they’d like it.

7) Ask them to speak loudly.

8) Make sure you have good lighting. Open the shade or curtain to let in the sunshine!

9) Count down or touch them as a cue to start.

10) Feel free to make a sheet of paper with 1-2 words to help cue them what to say.

11) Keep any bloopers since those videos can be especially funny later.

12) Reassure and praise them that they are doing a great job to calm any nervousness.

13) Don’t rush it. Take your time and only film 1 or 2 at a time.

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